Artist Statement


As a woman of color, my video and photographic work focuses on the relationships between women, loneliness, and the role of representation in our lives. My goal is to create work that explores how our identities shape the women that we present to the world and how larger representations of ourselves in media shapes the our ideas of self.

My connection to these concepts comes from observing art and film throughout my life that did not always represent myself. By centering my work on women, predominantly women of color, I aim to create images that challenge the historical gaze on blackness and women of color. In using lighting techniques that highlight various skin tones or creating photographs that showcase hair processes particular to black women, I aim to create images that represent the varied, vibrant ways in which women exist and are represented. Representation influences the way we talk about ourselves and how we lead our lives, and my intention is to create stories using film and photographic techniques that explore or create the representations I never saw for myself.